Offshoring ... when work exported to cheaper countries with sufficiently educated work-forces. Often conflated with OutSourcing, subcontracting work to other (more specialist) companies. Currently big topic in US and the computer industry as now it's IT jobs and "knowledge work" which are being offshored.

I've given up on insisting that people try to distinguish these as separate processes.

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In other words, this is another version of FourthGenerationWar's GrandStrategy which focuses on strengthening connections to centres of stability and order, and loosening them to centres of disorder. So Seely Brown thinks you strengthen connections to centres of innovation.

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  • Outsourcing in Canada (OnCanada) :





: Five years from now, a significant portion of the Silicon Valley infrastructure – venture capitalists, lawyers, advertising and marketing agencies, etc. - will have operations in Bangalore, helping local entrepreneurs move into global markets quickly. Many talented software engineers, trained in the leading-edge technologies by larger corporations, will be drawn by this infrastructure to leave their safe havens and build their own business. A vibrant community of software startups will drive the next wave of innovation in the city.

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