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Alternative theories of FreeSoftware in this context.

  • FreeSoftware as a strategy against losing your job to the third world. If the third-world is based on making and selling packaged software more cheaply than you, then releasing your software as FreeSoftware should stop this. Even third-world wages can't compete with Free. Your business model then depends on selling services based on the software, close to the point of consumption. Here your familiarity with the software and closeness to the customer can make the difference. A succesful business model built on FreeSoftware and selling services should be immune to OffShoring.
  • Ownership is the only protection. If unfettered capitalism does just polarize wealth between owners and workers, unless you can do something about it, which is unlikely, then the only smart thing to do is to be an owner. If you don't have capital to work with, then you must try to turn something else into capital. IntellectualProperty may be the only hope you have of joining the owner class. (InDefenceOfIntellectualProperty)

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