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Meta-data format for wikis

I agree with your point on the page, Phil, about "MACHINECODEBLOCK;" sounding like it should contain, well, machine code. I also wonder about using the same text for marking both the start and the end of the block - my internal regexp parser grumbles a bit, but maybe that's just me ;)

It also strikes me that, in the example, there's a lot of overlap and perhaps some confusion between the subject and location of metadata - i.e. in the Lion Kimbro example they give, you first have to make the distinction between metadata about the page, and metadata about the person the page is about. Secondly, it seems that the metadata they present is (or could/should be) duplicated in the FOAF resource they link to. While I guess that the MCB metadata would be more generic than FOAF, it still seems like you just have competing places and formats for specifying the same, inferrable data.


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