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One of those ALife experiments I haven't quite got round to doing yet ... :-(

Evolve creatures to solve some problem in a world with nested cyclic times (eg. day night cycles AND seasonal cycles)

The idea is to investigate how evolved agents handle shifting from awareness of, and operating within, short term cycles to awareness of, operating within longer term ones. This presumably involves gaining longer term memory, cycles of adaption etc.

After thinking about RyzeNetworking as a SlowNetwork I started to wonder :

Are we actually going to see multiple ShearingLayers of different speed networks in parallel? And value being created (NetworksCreateValue) every time someone creates the gear system which interfaces one speed to another? (eg. journalists who publish their accounts of weblogs in daily papers, monthly magazines which talk about what the papers are saying, books which analyse the magazines, magazines which analyze books, weblogs which analyze magazines etc...

StevenJohnson points out that the brain also consists of multi-speed systems :

Interesting small app. was (long gone, I'm guessing) that turned large documents into slow documents.

Now we have things like ThreadReader type apps that mediate between rivers / flows like Twitter and larger stocks. (FlowsAndStocks, TheGardenAndTheStream)

DaveWiner's Drummer also turns longer, larger posts into tweet-storms.

CurrencyGearBoxes are multiple money worlds, interacting. (See also ScalingBlockChain)

It seems that software is in the process of filling all kinds of gaps in all kind of information systems:

  • fast - slow networks (instant messaging, email, publishing)
  • private - mass communication (mass media, blogs, emails)

FourthGenerationWarfare as promoted by JohnBoyd is about moving fast enough to get inside the OodaLoop of the enemy.

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