TheSwingBetweenTimeAndSpace (ThoughtStorms)

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I recently saw and was very impressed by the movie Russian Ark (/ / ).

More than impressed, I was transfixed, hypnotized.

The camera (in one continuous take?) swims around the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg,

taking in characters from different points in history, but relevant to the place .

Phil: Russian Ark is shot in one continuous take, using a specially modified digital camera. It's an extraordinary artistic and technical achievement which took two years to set up. Interestingly, given your reaction, Sokurov claims to despises modernity:,3605,922893,00.html -- AdamBurke

It's relativity made explicit. From the perspective of the film, time is stopped, anihilated. Only movement relative to space remains.

Except at one point, after the lavish, grand ball, for a moment it seems that the camera will stop moving, will stay in one place, and time will restart, as the guests start to leave the room. They start to move in time relative to the location of the camera. But it's only a temporary delay, a gear change, before the camera is again swept up in the flow of space, and carried with the crowd to the exit and the film's end.

This trading of, this translation between time and space, between narrative and cartography, is what interests us here.

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