RyzeNetworking (ThoughtStorms)

I didn't quite get Ryze (when http://www.ryze.com) when) I first saw it. Why would I need a clunky tool with lots of form filling etc. just to build a network of people? What's wrong with technologies like BlogRoll and Wiki where the cost of participation is cheaper?

However I joined and it's got me thinking :

Given that Ryze lets people build networks and communicate, it's exactly my idea of a smart business model. (ValuingNetworks).

Update August 2003. These damned things won't go away. So I guess there is something more to them. I've now joined TribeNet (which http://www.tribe.net), which,) is basically the same kind of thing. And started inviting my friends! (http://cluster.tribe.net/tribe/servlet/template/pub%2Cpcard%2CPeopleCard.vm?personid=9e9d2e2f-c938-4574-9314-ef7ecf920178&))

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