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See IdentityProviders, PlatformWars, TheUserIsThePlatform, NationStateUnderAttack, IdentityIsTheNewMoney

The ultimate platform war is the convergence of four (maybe five) different types of organizations / institutions :

all competing to be the ultimate arbitrator of your identity.

You see this in all the attempts each makes to encroach on the territory of the other. And take over certain functions from each other.

These entities will increasingly come into conflict, and will increasingly to EmbraceAndExtend or overwhelm each other.

State vs. Social Media : SesameCredit

Money vs. State : BlockChain libertarians.

Social Media vs. State / FiatMoney : FacebookMoney (Though looks like the state is winning against this, currently)

Telephone vs. Social Media : TwoStepAuthentication (phone number becomes ultimate guarantee of identity)

Phone-based payment schemes : Phone company vs. banks and traditional finance.

In a sense, all the current hype about the MetaVerse is a (slightly distorted) intuition that this is happening. It's slightly distorted because people are obsessed with blockchains and NFTs and 3D graphics etc. But the intuition is reaching towards this understanding.

Specialized companies also vying for this role :

I'd be surprised if they can win (or if they look like doing so, won't just get bought up by one of the bigger players in my above list)

Blockchain as User Table :

Twitter embracing Bitcoin :

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