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Term from BillSeitz for WikiMarkup and other easy to enter Ascii formats.

These days, it feels like MarkDown has "won" the SmartAscii wars. I've succumbed to the inevitable and ported ThoughtStorms to use it.



It's a UserInterface : WikiSyntaxIsTheUserInterface

Contrast: XML, RdfHammer etc.

Transcluded from SmartAsciiAsProgrammingLanguage

The real question is when will SmartAscii become a ProgrammingLanguage?

Add some recursive function calling to a text file and you have a FunctionalProgramming language?

(Maybe compare SubText)

Or maybe WikiTalk is it.

CardiganBay embeds ClojureLanguage in wiki-pages.

SeanMcGrath tries to dismiss the program / data distinction in favour of text :

Perhaps this is how we should revisit the problem - by revisiting the very notion of text in our computer systems. What if every text editor on the planet was a folding text editor[7] that could seamlessly transclude[8] text from one location into another?

With such a capability we could manage code and data separately, but by simply opening up a different 'view' on them, see them as a merged entity consisting of both code and data. Best of both worlds?

Ain't this pretty much DaveWiner's OPML editor?

Compare CommunityWiki / LionKimbro on LinkLanguage

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