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  • AdrianHoward - nice stuff Phil - glad to be able to annoy you again :-)
  • StephenDunn - Hello Phil! Are you still in Brasilia? (looks like it to me)
  • GrahamLally - Nice site, needs more purple and green though... ;)

: You'll find it goes more purple when you click more of the links ;> – PhilJones

  • JeanFrancoisNoubel - Hi Phil! We need to talk about our common projects, i.e. simulation tools for new currencies.
  • HannsOskarPorr - Nice Wiki. I agree with much of what you say on Offshoring
  • ChrisBradshaw - Have similar interests, plus experience in planning, politics
  • HilanBensusan - Phil is my model of an idol. His wiki is the a glimpse of his mind.

: This page is kind of appropriate for you, no :-) – PhilJones

  • Manni - Hope you don't mind, Phil.