GlocalConversation initiated Oct 9 2003, here :

by JohnKellden


Currently working on a first draft of a Constitution,

this one here

is a possible starting point, inspirational document.

Charter :

first draft of the GlocalConversationCharter :

Inclusivity : The Glocal Conversation is and will always be open to all individuals, firms, or organizations that are dedicated to the Purpose and Principles and which they manifest in conducting their organization's activities.

Net Effect : Additional rules can be implemented only to enable the glocal pursuit of fun and happiness, the overarching guideline will be a consensus agreement of net emergent effect.

Participatory Government : The Glocal Conversation will be governed by those citizens that are dedicated to its purpose and principles.

Participatory Ownership : The Glocal Conversation Citizens have full ownership of the self-generated projects or relational activities of the networks in which they participate.

Appreciation and Capability : The Glocal Conversation will be characterized by Appreciation and Capability building. All affairs conducted by the citizens will be in accordance with the search for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant world around them. The two overarching guidelines involves firstly, systematic discovery of what gives life to a living system when it is most alive, most effective, and most constructively capable in economic, ecological, and human terms,

and secondly, as much freedom as possible for all citizens to pursue fun and happiness within that system.

Distributive : There is no one, singular Centre for The Glocal Conversation. Every citizen and their pursuit, business or practice is the Centre. The Glocal Conversation is an alignment of wholes - not parts or peripheries. Citizens not only represent The Glocal Conversation, they are The Glocal onversation. They are, each in their own right, contributing nodes, centres and links of Glocal Conversation practice, thought and affairs in pursuit of fun and happiness.

Self-Organizing : The Glocal Conversation grows through each citizens initiative and relationships. The Glocal Conversation as a whole emerges and is managed at the most local level possible through conversation, joint meaning making and co-creation.

Diversity : The Glocal Conversation is designed to inspire innovation and experimentation. Rich collaboration can occur, and alternative or even opposite strategies can be pursued simultaneously. Multiplicity abounds. Good ideas are appreciated, and spread rapidly, and those that are not so good will simply dissipate for lack of sponsorship or attention.

Sustainability : The Glocal Conversation is guided by economic, ecologic and sentient sustainability, as envisioned, known and practiced by the citizens.

Conviviality : The Glocal Conversation shall provide two mutually enriching marketplaces, one marketplace, an agora where citizens can meet and conduct all affairs necessary for their pursuit of fun and happiness, and another marketplace, a marketplace of glocal ideas, where tools for conviviality can be developed, produced and exchanged.

Emergence and Endurance : The Glocal Conversation shall pursue its own internal affairs so as to maintain a dynamic living balance of emergence and endurance.