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Anything I (PhilJones) write here is in the Public Domain. ie, you can link to it, quote it, copy the whole damned thing verbatim into your wiki, copy it into a PDF document and sell it. Whatever.

I assume anything you contribute is the same.

Where I've quoted third parties I assume that the quotes are small enough to count as fair use, and are therefore also in the public domain. If you think I'm wrong about this, you can remove the quote yourself and please correct me by telling me on this page.


There are currently some exceptions to this rule where I've taken the risk of quoting longer articles.

Currently :

1 PageNames containing "CategoryCopyrightRisk"

54 Pages containing " CategoryCopyrightRisk"

In these cases I believe that the authors wouldn't object to those articles being reproduced here. However, don't assume that because these articles are here they are pubic domain. You may not have the freedom to reuse them.

See also IntellectualProperty, CategoryCopyrightRisk


Why is the IntellectualPropertyPolicyOfThisWiki so liberal? Of course, I'm no great fan of IntellectualProperty, but there might be a question (as raised on ThoughtStormsVsMeatBall) as to why I don't favour a more CopyLeft notion that seeks to protect my writing here.

  • Well, there's obviously the point raised OnCreativity. I believe you can PracticeCreativity and that giving away ideas makes me better at producing them. In fact I believe ideas need to be exorcised. If you horde them without giving them away, dreaming of how you'll one-day sell them and get rich, they end up haunting you and blocking new ones.
  • I want to right to repurpose things I write here, even into "proprietory" formats. And I don't want to have to worry that it's been infected by any-one else's contribution.
  • The real value of ThoughtStorms is the link-structure. Not the individual pieces of writing (many of which are just notes) I don't even know if such higher-level architecture is copyrightable. (I hope not.) So there's no point trying to construct some weird IP notion which isn't implementable in terms of Copyright or TradeMarks.