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This is 100% generational warfare, and the honest way to describe it is not "you're wrong and we're right", but "you have failed us horribly, and you no longer get to say which mistakes we are and aren't allowed to make".Here's what I think it would look like, in manifesto form👇

We are young and you have failed us

You have failed to preserve our world and our home

You have failed to provide us with a way to pursue that which is meaningful to us

You have done everything in your power to control us, slow us down, neglect us, and diminish our value, just so that you yourself don't have to change

To this we say "NO!". We deserve legitimacy, freedom and to have our voice heard.

We are the internet generation, whether we are pro-crypto or against crypto. We are digital nomads and world citizens. We are artists and philosophers, poets and creators, and we demand that this world support us in being ourselves.

We don't want visas, passports, and paper bureaucracies. We want to be able to go anywhere, stay anywhere, collaborate with anyone, anywhere, marry whomever we want, however many people we want, buy what we want and sell what we want.

We don't want you to tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies, what to smoke and not to smoke, what to eat and not to eat, what to expunge and what to keep inside of ourselves, what to believe and not to believe.

We don't want you to tell us what we can and cannot do with our money, what we can buy or should not buy. We don't want you to be snooping around in our wallets and our computers, in our messengers and our social networks.

We don't respect the system you have created, a system designed to slow everything down, to create inaction, to create the false certainty that you so strive for.

We don't respect your laws that are 89 years old. Or 300 years old. Those laws were created so as to prevent you from making YOUR mistakes. It's time we made our own mistakes and made our own laws.

Implement UBI so that artists can survive, or allow us to implement it. Fix climate change, or allow us to fix it, so that we all may survive. Recognize our needs and our legitimacy, in the face of your outdated understanding of the world and your role in it.

Do this or face consequences.

For there is chaos and havoc neglected and abused children can wreak far beyond what you imagine possible. For one thing we have is imagination you yourselves lack. This imagination is our hallmark and you can't even begin to understand how vast and powerful it is.

We will break the handcuffs you have invented, whether made of gold, or of iron. We will defy your authority by retreating into virtual universes you have no capacity to imagine. We have the power and the will, and we have little to lose.

We will destroy your offices by collaborating globally through the digital landscapes. We will destroy your finance by stubbornly continuing to buy bitcoin and jpegs.

We will destroy your politics by voting for the worst cartoon character imaginable, unless there is someone that is truly there to represent us.

We will ignore your licensing schemes, your lawyer trolls, your men in blue suites, your men in black suites, all your flimsy attempts at dividing for yourselves the world that belongs to us. Dividing it and measuring it by your own outdated measures.

We will adopt accelerationist strategies, simply because we would rather see it all crash and burn than accept the status quo as a given and constant.

We are everywhere. We live in your towns, and in your homes. We eat in your kitchens, and we have been saying this for many years.

We are no longer 15. In fact, many of us have had successful careers in your system, before we understood just how pointless that is.

Heed this warning, or suffer dire consequence. This last struggle of yours to preserve the false and destructive sense of security and predictability is sure to fail, because we just don't play your games.

This last struggle of yours to keep us separated by borders, firewalls, political narratives, guns and financial surveillance will only make us bolder, will only make us more inventive and more unpredictable.

It is time we made our own mistakes and the longer you resist this simple fact, the worse the mistakes will be. We are the internet generation, and this is our time.

But optimistic, really, though, isn't it?

One of the most striking things in the last decade is how much some of the impulses behind this have been turned towards FarRight and reactionary political and social positions. Some of them undoubtedly driven by these energies.


VinayGupta thinks that much of what's going on with NonFungibleTokens is this generation war.


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