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New Facebook Policy

I closed my account. As of March 2013


I have not used FB since then.

Old Facebook Policy

With a very few exceptions I will NOT be your facebook friend unless I know you in real life.

It's nothing personal. You may be a very likeable and cool person. I may very well hang out with you on a number of of other YASNS etc. But I try to keep Facebook for IRL people.


A couple of thoughts on the FutureOfFacebook

It's all criticism

Platform Wars

Facebook Doesn’t Know What It Does With Your Data, Or Where It Goes: Leaked Document: https://www.vice.com/en/article/akvmke/facebook-doesnt-know-what-it-does-with-your-data-or-where-it-goes

Biased towards or running scared of the right : deliberately censored left-wing media



Contrast :

Good Riddance

Facebook threatens to leave Europe if it doesn't get its way :


See also :

Quora Answer : What makes Facebook so incredibly good at design? This includes regularly adapting. To what extent has design implemented by Facebook led to measurably better results?

Jun 17, 2011

The snarky answer is that Facebook's design gets better every time it evolves to look more like Twitter Pinterest.

The core of truth, I believe, is that FB has the insight to steal good ideas from other people, and the courage to change even when it upsets the existing users.

That combination, ability and will to adapt good ideas from elsewhere is what keeps its design "pretty much ok" during its turbulent evolution. Yes, stuff moves around and gets lost. But at least the UI isn't bogged down with yesterday's model of what the site should be like.

Of course, FB can get away with this because it's so compelling and still growing so fast. Once that growth slows and stops it will be far more hostage to what the members are used to.