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This is a good article tying MarshallMcLuhan's ideas of how electronic communication would take is to a "post-literate" "post-rational" society, to the recent habits of thought on SocialMedia, not just ConspiracyThinking and TheEndOfConsensus but also the actual raw visceral / "emotional" / knee-jerk reactive way of thinking and acting that McLuhan saw in television.

(The capitalist (and perhaps Netocrat) have always wanted the internet to be TelevisionWithABuyButton (to manipulate the ConsumTariat), which is what I think FaceBook invented. (TheProblemWithFacebook)

A society becomes post-literate when electronic media compresses its experience of literacy to such an extreme degree that the simultaneity of the oral replaces the sequentalism of the typographic as the dominant pattern of thought and sense-making.

It's a somewhat conservative framing that I wouldn't use myself (eg. I'd avoid the word "tribal" and stick to "oral" and "pre-literate" to avoid giving the wrong impression), but the basic story is important.

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It should be a "crisis behaviour" :

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