I used to have this clunky slogan ... and it really IS clunky.

I wish I had a nicer phrase.

But somehow "perfection is flawed" has stuck in my brain.

Anyway, I mean, your heroes have feet of clay.

No-one's perfect. Especially the people you admire or love.

They'll all have their flaws. Some of them, horrible.

That's the way it is, and sometimes we need to accept the fact of it, and live with it.

I'm not a big fan of the term "CancelCulture". I think it's largely dreamed up by right-wing reactionaries to whine about how they aren't allowed to make money on their YouTube channels any more because advertisers have decided they don't want to be associated with arseholes.

It's only because people now think they have the right to be given a platform to be racist, that "deplatforming racists" has become an issue.

Nevertheless, sometimes zealots DO get it into their heads that they'll purge the world of its evils if they can only just make life uncomfortable enough for those who have slipped into some infraction or other. Or who haven't quite repudiated old habits hard enough.

And it helps to remember that we are all flawed humans.

And cut each other some slack.

If we expect our heroes to be saints, we won't get saintly heroes, we'll just get no heroes.

Some people point out to me that this doesn't matter. We're better off not having a mentality that thinks in terms of heroes.

I'm sceptical. I think we still need the awkward squad. The unreasonable man who gets stuff done for us. (TheWorldBelongsToTheUnreasonableMan)

We still need to celebrate great deeds.

And it's a cliché, but yeah, by definition, the revolutionaries we want to break the rules we want broken, may well be the kind of people who break the rules we'd rather not have broken.

We need to figure out how to live with that. Or at least accept that it's a thing.

We need to learn to celebrate people for the good they do. Not worry about tearing them down for any bad in them. (Doing > being)

Otherwise we won't celebrate anything or anyone. And a world without things to celebrate will be a very cold one.