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Book by JeremyRifkin which I recommend.

Let's start to summarize the ideas.

Products and Services

Rifkin says we're moving from a market characterized by selling ownership of products, to one characterized by renting access to services. (See also PropertyRights)

Examples ...

  • the increase in leasing. Industrial producers move from buying capital equipment to leasing it from the original manufacturers.
  • the increase in franchising. Many small businesses are now franchises. That is small companies which rent the brand and business model from another company. Rifkin points out that although these franchise companies have the ownership of much of the capital (machinery, premises etc.) which you'd expect would give them the power, often more power belongs to the company which has rented them the IntellectualProperty. Franchise-renters are required to follow the rule-book of the franchise owner or, at any time, the right to use the brand can be taken away. The rule book can include anything from recipes for hamburgers to hours of opening and the demeanor of staff. Anything the franchise owner considers to be essential to the brand identity can be specified.
  • outsourcing of all kinds of work to specialist contractors
  • JustInTime supply chains, which mean that manufacturers don't keep inventory of components, but rent access to a pipe-line through which supplies are always available.
  • a shift towards living in condominiums or gated communities where residents rent their space in and access to the community's facilities. Essentially people are renting access to a form of civil society.
  • a shift towards renting time-shares of holiday homes and other life-style accessories.

This shift has consequences.

  • capitalism which is about services rather than goods, invades more of our intimate and cultural lives. (See also WorldMusic, OffShoring/TheNextBigThing)
  • ownership of ideas is important,
  • membership of networks is essential but always paid (Rifkin sees NetoCracy but lacks the notion of Imploitation.)

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