PostSpectacularCity (ThoughtStorms)

John Thackara says :

Our buildings are now about one-way-communication, too. Sports stadia, museums, theatres, science and convention centres. Such buildings do an accomplished technical job: they deliver pre-cooked experiences to passive crowds.

And whom do we have to thank for this semiotic pollution, for the catatonic spaces that despoil our physical and perceptual landscapes?

*The "CreativeClass". That's who's responsible. In the same way that mill owners optimised mass production, the creative class has optimised the society of the spectacle. *

At least mill owners bequeathed us well-made industrial cities. The creative class will be less fondly remembered. Their legacy is meaningless, narcissistic cities.

*Luckily, the era of the creative class is over. *

-- (DoorsOfPerception) (DoorsOfPerception)

Ann Galloway comments :

Not sure this is quite the same notion of CreativeClass that RichardFlorida has, though it may very well be the output of a creative class.

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