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Research into how information technologies affects cities. Based in the idea of city as a way of organizing information.

Blog analysing broadband saturation in Seoule :

Wireless cities :

Thoughts ...

  • This view of cities as information processors (people agregate and swap stories) is really a notion of city as market (See also MarketsAreConversations)
  • The project claims to research how to make the city more economically productive by improving information facilities for creative workers. (See also CreativeClass)
  • Mobile phones make commute time more productive. (See also SmartMobs)
  • But if cities are designed to take advantage of personal, mobile communication devices, may raise a problem of the DigitalDivide. For example, since watches became popular personal devics, it's harder to find a public clock. Working pay-phones are also becoming scarce in many places as the mobile-phone becomes more ubiquitous.

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