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Software to manage explicit representations of social networks

See also : YasnsAsPlatforms

World Domination

WebRenewal Rivals

Clinging on

Long Gone


: what this really makes me wonder is what other virtual or inanimate things could be friends. If BlogJects can have blogs why shouldn't FriendJects have friends? (Friends are AddressableThings)

: RossMayfield on e-tailing fakesters :

Patenting IRL friendship? :


See also SocialSoftware, SocialNetworkAnalysis, SocialNetworkingSoftwareAsReputationMarket, NetworksCreateValue

SocialRouting seems to fit here ideally. – ZbigniewLukasiak

: Certainly does – PhilJones. Is the URL of your wiki stable now? If so I'll add it to the intermap

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