There's an increasing sense of tiredness, frustration and anger at the end of WebTwoPointZero.

It's not the hyped-up search for WebThreePointZero or TheNextBigThing. Instead it's a return to seeking something of the openness and freedom that has been lost with the rise of giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google.

It's well encapsulated in AnilDash's TheWebWeLost and HosseinDerakhshan's The Web we have to save

DaveWiner has long been calling for a reboot. Recently he's searching for the things that are like RSS : open, free, unowned. Potentially to build an alternative around.

I get a sense that the reboot is coming. Not a sudden backlash against Facebook or other giant. More a rolling recognition of the loss that Dash talks about. A subtle but increasing desire to take back control over our own online lives.

In 2022 :


The UnhostedMovement is part of the same thing. Looking for one-page web-apps that give you control over where you store your data.

RSS itself is back with Dave's rebooted RssCloud and people getting into WebFeeds

The IndieWeb


Compare :

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