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Update 2023 This is important : AIAndEducationExploded

ClayShirky has an interesting essay on educational disruption.

Tools and Technologies


  • KhanAcademy - Well explained lessons and other free resources on YouTube
  • Wikipedia
  • TED
  • RSAAnimate
  • MeetUp and similar "get people together in real-life" sites will have a role to play in helping people create their own reading and study groups.
  • Private Tutors - I think this is going to be an interesting area for independent thinkers / educators to explore. Why not offer tutorials and help to people who are viewing lectures from established MOOCs?
  • Publishers of AcademicJournals (Usually evil, but could do something positive HowAcademicJournalsCouldActuallyAddValue)
  • OpenAccess is nice in principle.
  • Notes-sharing sites.
    • I think LiveScribe encourage something similar with Pencasts.
  • Online course providers
  • Open "crit" sessions like Q-Art London
  • MIT under JoiIto
  • RedMonk
  • SemanticWeb - I believe the formal classification of knowledge, especially for automation, could be significant.
  • People who do your homework for you.
    • There are a remarkable number of people who will provide you with off-the-shelf or custom-written essays.
    • Although these can be seen as anti-educational they may actually evolve to providing a kind of education. Some students will read what is written for them (especially if they need to try to prove that they're the author). These cheat-helpers become highly educated themselves and may end up providing support / consultancy.


Online accreditation

  • The thing about this kind of UnBundling of education. How does admissions know if applicants are likely to be good students if they aren't, somehow connected to the teaching? Recognizing what counts as a good student for a course will depend on an intimate knowledge of the course. If not, the value of the recruitment process will suffer. It will become simply another exam testing the students schooling.


In medieval universities the students hired their own teachers. (See also : VotingInMedievalUniversities)

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