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DanielLemire :

Then, books became cheaper and cheaper. Knowledge became easier to get to without teachers. I'd say this happened some time ago. Maybe at the beginning of the century

Why did universities survive past this point? I think because they offered communities. Young, smart people could come together and ideas would just be transmitted like diseases. It was far more efficient than, say, using mail. Universities provide the people and the proximity.

I'd say, most universities still provide this… and they suggest books…

However, to a large extend, so does the Internet. Well, not quite.. email, for example, is not as efficient as meeting face to face…

So, I think we need broadband. Real broadband, without technical glitches. Then, at this point, I predict that universities will be obselete.

When is that? 5 or 10 or 15 years.

Of course Covid19 has been another push towards shifting universities online, where they compete with increasing amounts of rival knowledge from EducationExploded

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