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Online manifesto and book describing the End of Business as Usual.

The Cluetrain Manifesto is a work of Informationalism by RageBoy, DocSearls, DavidWeinberger and Rick Levine.

It's basic thesis is that companies in the mass media age put up facades of official communication separating internal workers and external customers.

In the new age of free communication on the internet such facades are easily routed around, and appear to both employees and customers as increasingly annoying or ridiculous. In fact, the facade is starting to hurt the company that tries to maintain it.

The Cluetrain therapy is for companies to free their employees to speak to customers using their own voice, so removing the artificial boundary.

The CluetrainManifesto introduced the interesting slogan MarketsAreConversations.

DocSearles vs Ubi-Marketing : essentially looking for PullPlatforms)

Clue-train is perhaps the answer / rebuke to CorporationsArePsychopaths

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