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CulturalConservative and FourthGenerationWar theorist

I think he's smart, but he's clearly got people's backs up. Here's some criticism : https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/the-continuing-irrelevance-of-william-lind

Over on CulturalMarxism I have a QuoraAnswer which credits William Lind for coming up with the concept of Cultural Marxism. I also said that I didn't have a particularly negative view of Lind.

But having read https://4thgenwar.wordpress.com/2016/07/03/trump-meets-man-who-inspired-2011-terror-attack-deadlier-than-orlando-shooting/ I've changed my opinion. I read a bit of Lind's novel via that link and it's clear the guy is a full on racist in a way I hadn't seen in his writing on 4GW.

From that post's critique of Lind :

William Lind is widely acknowledged by relevant scholars as by far the most important promoter of the “cultural Marxism“ conspiracy theory concerning the alleged origin of “political correctness” – a plot Lind alleges was launched, nearly a century ago by Jewish Marxist intellectuals from the “Frankfurt School”, to destroy America and Western Christian civilization.

In 2002 Lind told attendees at a Holocaust denial conference, concerning the architects of the alleged cultural Marxism plot against America, that “These guys were all Jewish”

Lind’s writing on the “cultural Marxism” conspiracy theory helped directly inspire one of Europe’s worst terrorist attacks in decades – the 2011 slaughter of 77, mostly teenagers, and wounding of 319 in Norway. According to the neo-Nazi perpetrator Anders Behring Breivik, he intended his terrorist attack as a “marketing method” to publicize his political manifesto that featured, as it core thesis, the “cultural Marxism” conspiracy theory.