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The thing about "Bush == Hitler" or "DonaldTrump == Hitler" claims is that people always sneer at them, thinking that they're some kind of playground taunt : "Your guy is so bad he's worse than Hitler!"

But the real point is, Hitler didn't look to the Germans in the 30s the way he does to us now. They didn't really know what was going to happen. They didn't know he was going to orchestrate world war and genocide. Only that they'd suffered some kind of attack. And they were a freaked. And insulted. And here was this guy, who may have been a bit of a loon but at least he was finally sticking up for them. Standing up to the French and other foreigners ...

Anyway, I always thought of writing a page like this, I didn't really think I knew enough history to make it stick.

Fortunately, this guy has ...

GlennGreenwald and JimmyDore argue that it's neoliberal hype

WilliamLind discusses whether there's a "constituency" for fascism in the Bush government :

Similarity of propaganda :

Discussion on UmbertoEco's essay on fascism :

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Bush == Hitler

Re : ongoing AfterAmericanWarOnIraq/TortureStory ,legal advice from Nazi Germany :

* Republican judge warns of dictatorship following political attacks on judiciary :,00.html

Bush illegally going beyond constitutional powers in the US, justified in terms of military position (commander-in-chief) :

AndrewSullivan :

So from now for the indefinite future, the government has "emergency" powers to violate your private property without a warrant, tap phones without a warrant, jail suspects indefinitely without due process, and even torture them? Eveyone concedes that some surrender of liberty is necessary in this new world. But the glee with which some conservatives greet the expansion of unlimited government power is truly remarkable.


Attempt to paint the left as Hitler :