WilliamLind :

The Bush administration, as usual, has it exactly backwards. The danger is not that the “terrorists” we are fighting in Iraq will come here if we pull out there. Rather, American involvement in 4GW in Iraq will create “terrorism” here from among the people we have sent to fight the war there. Well educated in the ways of successful insurgency, they will come home embittered by a lost war, by friends dead and crippled for life to no purpose. Thanks to America’s de-industrialization, they will return to no jobs, or lousy “service” jobs at minimum wage. Angry, frustrated and futureless, some of them will find new identities and loyalties in gangs and criminal enterprises, where they can put their new talents to work.

It's notable that 4GW drivers (tribal identities) did come back to the US. But one of the main adopters was Lind's own tribe of FarRight CulturalConservatives supporting DonaldTrump who based in presidency on CultureWar

Perhaps this is not ironic. Perhaps Lind's theorizing was precisely preparing the right for this? And that was always his intention?