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This is the ThoughtStorms bus stop. ReadWith our WikiNode.

Welcome WikiNauts, DigitalGardeners and other web-travellers, to ThoughtStorms. This was the PersonalWiki of PhilJones and is now evolving into something else.

Buses that pass here :

Bus Nr. 01 Grand Wiki Community Tour MeatBall Tour Bus
Bus Nr. C2 Original Wiki C2 Wiki Tour Bus
Bus Nr. 06 Eclectic Wiki Tour currently looking for a good new destination. Tour Bus
Hyperloop[1] Nr. 03 Personal Wikis Tour WebSeitz:WikiNode WikiNode
Hyperloop Nr. 09 Digital Gardeners Tour Neil Mather's Hyper commonplace garden wiki "Wikis I Like"

...anytime you're ready to leave.

[1] "Hyperloops" where buses turn into other modes of transport.

What you'll find here

Some old ProgrammingStuff, stuff about OrganicArchitecture, futurology, a little bit of MusicalStuff, PoliticalStuff and InternetCultureStuff, with an emphasis on looking for analogies between these different domains and cross-polinating ideas between them.

Most of it is from the period 2003 - 2008 when this wiki was most active.

Today, though, we're developing the CardiganBay wiki-engine, which as well as being a "normal" wiki-engine is aimed at helping clean up old content from wikis like ThoughtStorms, to identify and kill the dead links, to refactor cards into into something that is meaningful and interesting today, not just as a frozen slice of the past. ThoughtStormsIsNotAMuseum

Places to Visit

Because the AnyoneCanEditIt convention / idealism of wiki has receded, I can't invite you to ArgueAgainstMe here any more.

But see the AnyoneCanEditIt page for what I plan instead. I hope to figure out some new ways of interacting with readers and others in the wiki and new DigitalGardening communities.

For an explanation, see Meatball:TourBus. In case of questions or problems: turn to the Meatball:BusManagement.

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