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The term is from HowardRheingold's book discussing DouglasEngelbart, AlanKay, TedNelson etc.

MaggieAppleton has another overview :

But in fact, it might be good to repurpose this page now to list all those thinking-tools, ToolsForDigitalGardeners etc.

Research UX :

There are some people trying to develop tools for thought, but there isn’t yet a meaningful field around tools for thought. The difference is that a field is about ratcheting: developing a growing shared corpus of general knowledge and methods which allow projects to meaningfully build on each other, across researchers and across years, on and on in an upward cycle. Individuals here and there have contributed powerful insights, certainly, but true success for this field would mean a new practice of human tool-making, and the creation of many tools which transform what people can think and do.


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