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Coined the term "HyperText" and proposed Xanadu but hates the web.

I'm scared I'm drawn to him because he invented hypertext as a solution to his own disorganization.

But I think he's been brought down by his insistence on transclusion (which tries to combine linking with respect for copyright and even some kind of payment system) and rejection of OneWayLinks.

Although in WikiArchy I just used transclusion to solve a different problem.

TedNelson is definitely one of the SmartDisorganizedIndividuals


Oh God! I am Ted Nelson. Quotes from : http://www.wired.com/wired/archive//3.06/xanadu.html?person=tednelson&topicset=wiredpeople

  • Nelson's life is so full of UnfinishedProjects that it might fairly be said to be built from them, much as lace is built from holes or Philip Johnson's glass house from windows.*

As with everything else in his life, Nelson's conversation is controlled by his aversion to finishing. (AgainstFinishedness) There are no full stops in the flow of his speech, only commas, dashes, ellipses.

"Attention Deficit Disorder was coined by regularity chauvinists," he remarked. "Regularity chauvinists are people who insist that you have got to do the same thing every time, every day, which drives some of us nuts. Attention Deficit Disorder - we need a more positive term for that. Hummingbird mind, I should think."

Although the concept of hypertext made Nelson legendary in programming circles, he is not a programmer. "I have a terrific math problem," Nelson said. "I still can't add up a checkbook: I can add a column of figures five times, get four different answers, and none of them will be right. I'm very accident-prone and extremely impatient. I can't work my Macintosh ... I never got past the calculus,"

[His Maxims] lead him to sympathize, in every discussion, with the rejected idea and the discounted option. (CounterThinking)

Or is JornBarger the new Ted Nelson? Or is it AndriusKulikauskas (http://www.no-hit.com/andrius/archives/000068.html)??)

I'm starting to recognize fellow sufferers of the same syndrome : HypertextSickness.

They took away your right to program : http://ted.hyperland.com/TQdox/zifty.d9-TQframer.html

(Compare AnEasyInterface)

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