(ReadWith) OneWayLinks

About two-way links, the ghost of Xanadu : (TedNelson) http://www.disenchanted.com/dis/technology/xanadu.html?ref=12 (TedNelson) which can also be joined with StigmergicSystems.

In fact, via the automatic BackLinks detection of the above article, I also found more on two-way links from WeblogKitchen : http://weblogkitchen.com/wiki.cgi?BiDirectionalLinks

Good thread on two-way links in the context of RoamResearch


More or less points out that you can build all shapes of MindTrafficGeometry out of two-way links, and they are (in some sense) interchangeable (backlinks, uplinks in hierarchies (OnHierarchy)

Maybe like TedNelson's ZigZag.

I'm not sure I completely agree, but worth thinking about seriously.

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