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Notebooks for academics (scientists, researchers etc.) which allow connection to datasets and embedded code. AcademicKnowledgeManagementSoftware

(ReadWith) ElectronicLaboratoryNotebook

These ought to be the focus of academic publishing and practice.

AcademicJournals ought to insist that all publications are accompanied by a Smart Notebook.

DigitalGardening is a more general note-taking / PKM culture. So ToolsForDigitalGardeners is related.

Zotero is a BrowserExtension which is aimed at helping you collect citations to AcademicJournals articles etc.


What's wrong with them :

Clerk for example is designed to avoid certain problems with them :

Specifically Clerk wants to address the following problems:

  • Less helpful than my editor
  • Notebook code being hard to reuse
  • Reproduction problems coming from out-of-order execution
  • Problems with archival and putting notebooks in source control

Seems to me these issues could be solved within notebooks too, if the notebook designers decide to take them seriously.

More on those ''Reproduction problems''. Jupyter's ability to allow out-of-order editing and calculation which can give rise to various hidden-state problems.