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DigitalGardening is a new wave of this.

Academics are using SmartAcademicNotebooks etc. And other AcademicTools

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Great SebPaquet posting which talks about the rise of Personal Knowledge Management :

In summary, people discover the value of Personal Knowledge Management tools when they suspect that the old ways of doing things are breaking down, and are looking for something new. At this point, they start to become responsible for formulating new ideas. But they haven't yet discovered a community to discuss those ideas in. So they need help to organize the ideas.

This is a role for tools such as personal notebooks, OutLiners, blogs, personal KM, SdiDesk ;-) to help them structure those ideas.

Fits in with DavePollard's view that shared content management should grow from personal content management

: which are evolving towards PersonalBroadcastNetworks

(Also PersonalWiki, BillSeitz:WikiLog)

JerryMichalsky on TheBrain

Maybe even need personal echo chambers (PersonalWikiIsAnEchoChamber) to help re-enforce their confidence in those ideas :-)

Freelancers and artisans combine the need for personal knowledge management with professional choices. This especially true with homeworking and in situations where there is a blur between work use and personal use. It can mean a larger need for KM and also a greater budget. This looks like the area where scaleable solutions, open source, shareware and homemade tools have a definite place. These can be broken down somewhat by the profession / line of work.

Here is a 'for instance' I am experiencing as someone who has become a translator by accident in the page KnowledgeManagementForTranslators


The shared ontology question

What are the relative benefits of shared vs. personal and ideosyncratic organizing principles? For example, DavidWeinberger thinks it obvious students want to share their ontology with others.

In WikiPoweredArgument / TwoClassesOfInformationToolUsers I think that having a different ontology can give you the creative / competative edge. But why is competition important? Is this too much CompetitionThinking?

Compare FolkSonomy

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