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The original internet SocialMedia

Still around and one of the few really open protocols.

DeltaChat is chat and social media over email as transport protocol.

GordonBrander on Email as SmallTools Loosely Joined : EverythingAsEmail

Quora Answer : Why is there not more innovation in the webmail space?

Aug 28, 2010

a) Because people keep assuming mail will go away

b) Because people keep wanting mail to go away

c) Because it's very hard to get people to change their email address. So many other things are locked into that address (eg. accounts on other systems)

d) Because the younger generation don't use email anyway. (They just write on Facebook walls, tweet, use IM)

e) Because email is so old, there's a certain conservatism in the mass population of email users in their expectations. Look how hard it is to get people to switch to Gmail. Which is clearly "better" than other webmail interfaces.

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EstherDyson : I'm wondering what will happen when Google has millions of accounts and presumably millions of duplicate files that it knows about: i.e. one person e-mails the same file to several othe Gmail users. Will it eliminate redundancies? is the saving in space worth the processing overhead? Certainly the reduction in user reading overhead produced by eliminating redundancies within e-mail threads - a much more complex task - is worth it... that's the kind of thing you'll see more of.

Quick roundup Sep 3, 2004 : BillSeitz:z2004-09-02-MetaMailWorkflow

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