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PhilJones writes most of the contents of ThoughtStorms these days.

For the purpose of transparency, when I write about CryptoCurrencies, BlockChain etc. I hold a very small amount (less than $600 worth) of the following coins :

Quick reminder of my blockchain / NFT policies :

  • 1) blockchain is too important, and has too much potential to transform the world, to be left to libertarian / dark enlightenment bros to define what it is and how the future works.
    Rest of us need to engage and steer it good (ALeftViewOfBlockChains)
  • 2) I won't fuck with BitCoin because ProofOfWork is now visibly an environmental catastrophe.
    And I don't think BTC has the governance mechanism to let it migrate.
    There's nothing to it but the PoW algorithm.
  • 3) I will fuck with Ethereum because I believe they have the will and capacity and governance to pull off a migration to ProofOfStake.
    I hold a tiny amount of ETH because I want to support them on that.
    BUT ...
  • 4) I will not do anything NonFungibleTokens related on the Ethereum blockchain UNTIL they have moved to PoS.
    I will only experiment with NFTs etc on things that are already PoS such as Tezos. Or have some other non PoW mechanism.

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