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2023: Sharp drop in US investment in China :

Is its economy going to stall like Japan's? Due to demographics and aging population?


The US vis-à-vis China is undergoing a Master / Slave dialectic.

Americans have become Eloi to China's Morlocks.

It's also, as I was pointing out 15 years ago, the plot of The Innovators Dilemma.

Hegel, Wells and Christensen, all versions of the same story.

See Offshoring

Government spending is decentralized to the regions

China vs the West

Growth of China's trade influence vs the West


Factories covet young, female workers like Ms. Sheng because they are considered better at assembly line work and more docile than young men. In the past, these workers were largely cut off from the outside world, but now they use text messages or e-mail to check with friends at other factories about wages and treatment.* (BetterInformationSqueezesProfits)

: On the other hand, labour rights monitoring not working :

2020 : Overfishing off the coast of SouthAmerica :

JohnRobb points out that China's investment in the US dollar is not a co-ordinated national strategy but a bottom-up, decentralized swarming behaviout :

Does this make it more or less robust?

JohnRobb (again!) reports rumours of 20,000 "terrorist incidents" in China each year! :


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Increasing industrialization brings social unrest, put-down brutally by the government :

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