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To grow, China needs lots of energy. How is it going about getting it?


: Remember that stuff about China / Brazil and Brazil having a lot of uranium? (

: OnBrazil / OnMarkets/SeekingSimilarStatus)


  • JohnRobb says China has "check-mated" the US in the MiddleEast. A Chinese-Iranian aliance guarantees China access to Iranian oil; ensures Chinese support for the Iranian nuclear program in the UN (and remember the Chinese are offering nuclear technology to their partners); and : Iran is already seen as a gateway to the Middle East for Chinese products. Chines products are already flooding Iranian markets at below market prices. Bi-lateral trade between Iran and China is already at $6 billion a year and $10 billion a year by 2006 (Iran's largest trading partner).

: I get a bad feeling about this. Remember ThomasBarnett going round saying the Pentagon was wrong to be war-gaming against China ... and I said "no war against china" was merely an empirical hypothesis, that could be falsified if some kind of "jostling for position among the great powers" theory of wars was true ...

: would China support Iran militarily in the case of a US strike against it?


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: meanwhile :


on the moon

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