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Apple computers. Now a BigTech platform.

Quora Answer : Am I the only one who sees a big evil plan behind Apple's huge phones and their quite affordable new Apple Watch?

Oct 15, 2014

If you mean, are they planning to make them highly interdependent so that you can only use them properly and get the full benefits by owning and carrying both, then probably ... a little bit ... but not at the risk of making either so useless on its own that people won't buy it.

Apple certainly get that we're moving to the "device swarm". Computing that's exploded across multiple specialized devices that are hooked together through multiple wireless protocols. And they have their plans for it :

Now, on the whole, tech. companies split into two classes : those who want to own an ecosystem, however small, and hope to grow by growing it. And those who are willing to claim a piece of an existing ecosystem, and work with other companies within it, on the grounds that a small piece of a big pie is better than all of a smaller one.

Apple, with their full-stack philosophy are definitely in the first category. And their instinct is to want to control everything and exclude everyone else.

The "evil" of this is that they tend to reject / denigrate the open standards that allow users to connect their products to products from other suppliers. In the name of offering a "perfect" experience they will control everything from who can write software for your device to who can change the battery. And charge everyone a premium for the privilege.

If they can get away with it, they'll prevent your iPhone communicating as slickly as it could with Android Watches and vice versa.

BUT ... they may not get away with it. Certainly not before the iWatch is fully established. So for the meantime they'll have to make sure that the products do work well together.

Apple design

Quora Answer : Why doesn't Apple pay its software engineers as much as Google and Facebook, even though Apple is much richer than the other two?

Dec 6, 2018

Google and Facebook are software companies founded and run by programmers and computer scientists.

Apple are a vertically integrated "consumer product" company whose main star is an industrial designer and which is run by a supply chain guru.

For Google and Facebook, software is their essence and raisan d'etre. For Apple it's just one more component that has to be fitted into a harmonious whole