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AcademicJournals despite PeerReview have a ReproducibilityProblem

Academic Journals

Currently academics and those who want to reinvigorate it with a more web discussion based scholarship have a common enemy in the academic publishers, who are preventing academic papers from refereed journals being freely available on the web, because they want to preserve their tradition of selling them.

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Another reason these academic publishers are stitching up science, is they exclude people like me who have been in academia, but are now outside and working in a different industry. I don't have access to an academic library, or the time to make personal contact with authors and ask for pre-prints. But if I could download papers easily and post comments, I might.

Ex-academics are wholly wasted by the system.

An article by Prof. James Boyle on excluding non-scholars from the system:

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Kent Pitman on "Why I'm not an ACM Member" :

"I long ago renounced my ACM membership and will have nothing to do with the organization. The ACM made me sign an ethics pledge to become a member, and I felt my obligations under that pledge required me to disassociate myself with ACM itself because I personally feel many of its practices are unethical."

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