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A good documentary on SurveillanceCapitalism in 2020 and the invention TelevisionWithABuyButton

Damaging Social Media

UmairHaque points out how damaging Instagram and other social media are for young people.

Compare : SnapChatDysmorphia

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  • TheAIDilemma is the follow up, highlighting the many bad scenarios that will arise in the coming AI boom. But doing so through analogous principles with social media problems.

Quora Answer : Have you been limiting your social media use and, if so, what are you doing?

Jan 29, 2018

I closed my Facebook account in 2013, and have never had Instagram or WhatsApp.

I do use other social media (I was an early adopter and at one point was on 16 social networks) but I'm largely down to

  • Twitter (I do a burst of tweeting / following links on Twitter about once a week, any more is too time consuming),
  • LinkedIn (actually I just have an (outdated) CV there, I don't go there much)
  • Quora (this is the big one, the one I waste too much time on)
  • My own blogs / wiki / home pages (I don't put enough time / attention into these and ... sadly ... they're a bit outdated)

Given the dominance of Facebook these days, most of the other places are pretty much ghost-towns so it's been easy to drop out of them.

Not being on Facebook is a bit of a pain, when you hear about someone did a gig or there was a party and you say "why didn't you tell me?" and they're like all "oh, I forgot, you don't have Face"

OTOH, there are lots of things I avoid through not being on Facebook. And I suspect my view of my fellow humans is more positive through mainly seeing them through the lens of Quora.