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Seb is an awesome Pinterest user : Seb's Pinterest

... which I guess should join him to NextGenHeraldry.

Hey Phil, nice place you're building here!

: thanks. Need to be reading more of your stuff tho' – PhilJones

::Same goes on my end. Our interests overlap a lot.

Seb's Drop Box

  • Re: Emacs-wiki-mode. Are you using it, Phil? Any easy way to enable Free links? (makes things more readable).

: I started using it a couple of years ago. That's how I got wiki and why I started ThoughtStorms. It's also a major inspiration for SdiDesk, if you feel like checking that out ;-) – PhilJones

  • I'm looking for an easy way to only allow edits in UseMod when the username is set, which might temporarily help with spam.

: Hmm. I don't know. OddMuse let's you restrict updating to editors. And I suppose you could publish the editor password on the site, so anyone who wanted to log in as an editor could. That would be an extra step. My own thoughts on what to do are developing on SpammingThoughtStormsPhilJones

Seb, thanks for all the additions to PatternLanguageForTheSocialNetwork. Very exciting and interesting. Must confess I don't know half of the names you're posting, but I'll be investigating them.

It is fun isn't it. My enthusiasm for this UnfinishedProject is rekindled.

PS : I'll blog about this too, but can't get through to blogger at the moment. :-(



re :

I am of course, highly flattered. If I had access to my weblog, I'd post a link there saying "I am of course, highly flattered." But I haven't, and I can't, and I don't know quite how to express that kind of highly personal meta-comment on this wiki. Except maybe here on this page ... which still doesn't feel quite appropriate. Interesting dilemma.

Also, at some point I'm quite interested in exploring contrasts between How You Build Your Open Mind (

), and InformationArchitectureOfThisWiki. Are you up for having some kind of dialogue about it somewhere?