Various interpretation of the difference between initial builders and maintainers.

initial builders maintainers Comment
theory 1 (PaulGraham, IanBicking) more on CostsBenefitsOfMetaProgramming brilliant but expensive geniuses cheap, commoditized, outsourced grunts (OffShoring)
theory 2 (GeneralistsVsSpecialists) brilliant, mercurial, fast learners, easily bored, focused on innovation not execution focused on detail, execution
compare ThomasKuhn revolutionary science normal science
compare ClaytonChristensen DisruptiveInnovation non-disruptive innovation
SebPaquet suggests its about professionals and amateur / dilettantes Amateurs (See the amazing MacOs GraphingCalculator story today) Professional Sounds right, although I wonder how much cause vs. symptom being an amateur is. Not being payed can definitely lead to freedom to do things which aren't commercially viable, but some of these initial builders are payed. More TheAgeOfAmateurs

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