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Small and cheap ARM-based microcomputer for kids and hobbyists and HardwareHackers

Made so that kids could regain the fun that we had in the 80s, with our easy to get into 8-bit microcomputers.



Use one to send MIDI to a KorgMonotron synth : https://www.tomshardware.com/amp/news/this-raspberry-pi-adds-midi-to-a-korg-monotron-synth

Quora Answer : Can I use my Raspberry Pi as a desktop replacement?

Oct 22


I've written and run Python and Clojure web applications, using Emacs, on small boards like Raspi, PocketCHIP and in virtual Linux machines on my phone and tablet.

I'm currently developing and running a web application on a Raspi, but doing so ssh-ed in from an old laptop.

If I had a better keyboard connected to the Raspi, I'd be able to work on it directly.

For those for whom Emacs is the main work environment Raspi is fine. It's fine for programming. And running server-side stuff.

Raspi is fine for running a web browser as interface to a server based app. too.

I'm not sure I'd really like to use LibreOffice heavily on it. (OTOH I don't much like to use Office type apps anyway)

And I couldn't do the music I do on my laptop on it.

But if you aren't doing heavy music or video or big photo editing. Or using office bloatware, then the machine is probably easily powerful enough for your actual needs.

It just depends if the software is available and sufficiently optimized for it.

Now criticised for hiring an ex-cop who did covert surveillance https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/chrisstokelwalker/raspberry-pi-hired-ex-cop-mastodon-controversy