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Context : PlentyOfRoomAtTheBottom

Nice interview with TatsuyaTakahashi of Korg

Inventor of the Korg Monotron, which is a great tiny, cheap AnalogSynthesizer.

He points out it's the first analogue synth Korg has made for 30 years.

This is a PlentyOfRoomAtTheBottom moment ... a company can experiment with a new idea, by making it in a very small, cheap, hacker / hobbyist friendly format.

Same with Arduino / RaspberryPi and other CheapComputers

Raspberry Pi is now the largest computer company the UK has ever produced. In terms of numbers of units sold. (And maybe even revenue.)

By making a tiny, cheap computer for hobbyists and InternetOfThings enthusiasts.

It's the opposite to HighRoad / LuxurySector approach where you pioneer the cutting edge with the SuperRich.

But it's not exactly LowRoad / populist either.