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An interactive RoomOS / AugmentedReality / AugmentedDesktop programming environment from, among others, BretVictor

The idea. You write code on bits of paper and cameras in the environment pick them up and turn the bits of paper "alive" (ie outputs are projected on to them)

A bit like SmallTalk in that the whole environment is live all the time.

A large part of the code of the environment is actually printed on bits of paper. So it's kind of "SelfHosting"

Uses some kind of shared database or TupleSpace and pattern-matching events

May be based on / implemented with an extended version of LuaLanguage

Or maybe their language is https://harc.ycr.org/project/realtalk/

Article by SteveKrouse : https://www.phenomenalworld.org/analysis/the-next-big-thing-is-a-room/

PaperPrograms is an OpenSource version.

GeoffreyLitt spent some time there : https://www.geoffreylitt.com/projects/dynamicland.html


Using RaspberryPi for DynamicLand : https://rsnous.com/posts/notes-from-dynamicland-programming-raspberry-pis/

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