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It's important to grasp the problem of granularity. Most systems or worlds of interacting things have a granularity of discrete actions and events. Rough, approximate theories, the kind we need everywhere from economics and politics, ethics to ecology to statistical mechanics, are hostage to granularity. If the granularity of transactions were at a different scale, the effects may be very different.

  • SituatedSoftware suggests that we're going to see more right-size applications, suited to their scalar niche.
  • LeftAndRightAndScale - the granularity issue in politics. What scale do we owe allegiance to? The short, medium, long term? The local community, the current planetary population, humanity forever?
  • When you design your systems you break them into modules, but you might make a GranularityMistake
  • Granularity in time :

** ExtremeProgramming says it's very short

** WorldsWithinWheels / ShearingLayers