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What will happen to ThoughtStorms after I die? Will anyone still come? Will people continue the arguments? Will the structure of TS continue to canalize discussions thereafter? Will anyone know I've died rather than just had an extended period off-line?

Will someone post a useful notice (and obituary) that I've died? And if so where would be the obvious place; where

would other people be likely to see it?

There is the sad story of Iain Truskett - his so valuable wiki on Perl modules was accessible for some short time, but then it died with him.

: Is there a way for us visitors to easily back up your wiki? You might add a link and encourage it, if you like. sniff I hope you're ok! – HeatherJames

:: Don't worry. Have no intention of dying soon. :-) I think ThoughtStormsBackedUp is a very good idea. Also SebPaquet's post and the responses here :is is kind of relevant / interesting. – PhilJones

::: I started to worry about the work I was putting into [kayakwiki, kayakwiki],] thinking how bad it would be if the administrator just decided to the pull the plug suddenly. So I wrote a simple little program to grab all the wiki text off the site remotely. See [KayakWiki]:BackupStrategy]. [[KayakWiki:Backup_Strategy].] Obviously your ThoughtStormsBackedUp approach is more sensible (the administrator makes back-up zips which are downloadable), but when the administrator is not being pro-active about keeping back-ups it is possible for users to do it remotely. – HarryWood - 18th Mar 2005

: That's a very interesting thought, Phil. I think I may have seen two or three wikis where the owner must have gone to the great bit bucket. Of course, they all had turned into spam havens. Maybe all wiki engines should feature some security device that locks the wiki if the administrator hasn't shown any activity for a certain amount of time. – Manni

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