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Software by PhilJones

A lot of my software can be found on GitHub : or GitLab :

Current Software under active development

CardiganBay Wiki-Engine and Personal Knowledge Management ClojureLanguage
GoldenPond Music generation PythonLanguage and others
MindTrafficControl Todo Queue ClojureLanguage
Patterning / ProjectRoseEngine A visual pattern generation library and online playground ClojureLanguage
Gbloink! an interactive experimental instrument / art toy various languages over the years (from Visual Basic to C++ to Java to PythonLanguage), but most recent experiments in KotlinLanguage.


Zewp! another Art toy I tried out in various versions in various languages, now looks like being folded into Gbloink!
MachineGardens my ProcessingLanguage art project for designing machines, is being folded into ProjectRoseEngine
GatesOfDawn ... not much on this at the moment, but I think the idea of a better textual representation of synthesizers is coming back.


Hiatus (or CthulhuMode) ... maybe I'm coming back to this at some point

SlowControllers Music software, plugins for VCVRack CPlusPlus
WaveFlavours Sound synthesis CPlusPlus
PotJockey Software art works / Fabrication technology ProcessingLanguage
OPTIMAES Agent-based simulations of economies

Pretty much deprecated :

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