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The combination of 3D virtual world with BlockChain based property rights.

An "Open" MetaVerse discussion.

In a sense there's a pull in two different directions.

1) a land grab of companies all trying to be "the new SecondLife" ... creating a virtual real estate and making money by selling it

2) an intuition that a public blockchain gives you an identity which is open, independent of one company (as I've written elsewhere, the exciting idea in blockchains is wallets rather than bank accounts, IDs you own and which are independent of banks) and portable between them.

In practice, although your blockchain ID is yours and independent. There are dozens of people setting up virtual worlds which they "own" by owning the software that renders those IDs as virtual stuff. And selling it in advance. Eg SandboxGame is built on Ethereum but each land (and objects) is a NonFungibleToken that they created and sell. Someone else could build and own a completely different world, also on Ethereum, but it wouldn't be the same world, even if the IDs of some land and object were the same.

To make an OpenMetaVerse, you also need an agreement on what the IDs mean. And multiple clients that agree to render them the same way.





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