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Like an early Patreon or or tip-jar.

Site / software for artists to get "gifts" (maybe donations)

Looks interesting. Must read more ...

: Actually, in this case, the "gifts" are what the artists are giving– files containing content that anyone may use, copy, modify, or even sell for profit. That's why we call them giftfiles. In return, supporters give money, thereby yielding a gift economy. A better name for this page might be GiftfileSystem. The GiftfileSystem is not a site, but rather an infrastructure, and in fact it's intended to be used by both producers and consumers without going to some web site to register. Lastly, rather than being an alternative to companies, the system actually relies on nonprofit companies such as EgeInc act as intermediaries, and provide a bonus in that donations are tax exempt.


Thanks, this is useful. Welcome to ThoughtStorms John. Would you like to tell us more about yourself on your page here? :-)


Thanks for the welcome Phil, I'll try to put a little on my user page.

The GiftfileSystem isn't a file sharing system. Publishers are responsible for distributing their content.

Weed Filesharing appears admirable, but consider:

  • 50% of your contribution is not going to the artist (suppose you're a faithful fan and contribute $100/year?)
  • among other restrictions, you are not free to redistribute a music file in unprotected form. For example, you couldn't incorporate it into a free software video game.
  • if you don't run Microsoft's proprietary OS, you can't use these files




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