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Stefano Mazzocchi :

you don't go around bothering people to markup their data as you like it, but you make an effort to collect their data and make a sense out of it.

JonUdell :

We have to face up to the fact, though, that this tussle between markup and emergence is the knotty yin and yang of semi-structured data management. The struggle has deep roots, and neither can nor should produce a victor. The best and only possible outcome is dynamic equilibrium ... For many years I've been preoccupied with how to empower people to work together more productively. It really does come down to making virtues of laziness and selfishness. We see that happening all around us in blogspace, in ways that I hope (and believe) can transfer to the business enterprise.


I wonder if this might have something to do with a social form of LateBinding? ie. you could try to formalize (markup) your data too early, but that can be cumbersome and inefficient (you might create something no one wants). Or you can let the consumer mark it up at the point of consumption (Binding as late as possible)

JonUdell, Nobody expects the SpontaneousIntegration

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